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Jack of Diamonds: More Rosenthal Toys

Over the last few months I've been researching toys with the diamond brand [pictured below] commonly associated with J.Rosenthal Toys, who later became JR21/ Century 21 Toys. The brand initials are often described as MB or MR but I prefer to think of them as JR as in Jack Rosenthal. Some were also co-branded with the equally mysterious mark ]$[   [blogged about before] often written as HS or SH in toy descriptions [Addendum: HS now identified as Hsi Associated Ltd - see #315 below]. The following JR toys are all new to the blog and have all been tracked down online this year, a few of which now reside in the Moonbase collection. I have double-checked the model numbers from a number of sources. 

I personally consider these toys to be pre-JR21 i.e. before the merger with Century 21 in 1965, hence my use of the moniker JR.

I have also recieved some information from the UK National Archives that I had hoped would have categorically linked the diamond JR brand and also the X-Series to Jack Rosenthal Toys, but alas it hasn't. However it is still interesting and does link the toys to UK solicitors/ desigm agents. You can see this information typed-out  below under model numbers 232 and 315. 

A second list appears mid-way down entitled 'Possible JR Toys'. I don't have enough picture evidence to prove that these actually are JR despite very similar packaging and design. Any help with pictures and model numbers would be greatly appreciated and of course credited. This research adds to the JR21 and Century 21 toys and model numbers already described, with the help of many readers, on this blog and many other Anderson-based sites like Steve's Vintage Thunderbird Toys.

JR Toys:
232 Space Rocket X-40
National Archives information:
UK Registered Design number 919800
Registered 18th January 1965 as a toy rocket ship
By Lee Wai Po, Of Chinese Nationality, Trading as Ming Tat Plastics Factory, No.8, Sui Lun Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
C/O Gill, Jennings & Every, 51-52 Chancery Lane, London, WC2
Copyright expired December 1969

301 Motorcycle Combo
[close-ups of the box new to the blog courtesy of ebayer knucklepanshovle07]

302 Hitch Hiking Bunny

303 Motorbike [it has the same look as 301 and 304
but there is no JR diamond on it's base. Box unknown. JR or not ?]

304 Racing Cyclist

311 Fiat Abarth

315 Comicars
3 variations pictured on one box
[bottom headless 'duck' car unconfirmed as JR. Could be Marx?]

]$[ brand identified below as Hsi:

UK National Archive information:
UK Registered Design number 914614
  • Registered 31st January 1964 as a toy car
  • By Hsi Associated Limited, a Company Incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance, Continental Mansion, 3rd Floor, Flat C, 294 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
  • C/O Stevens, Langner, Parry & Rollinson, 5-9 Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London, WC2
  • Copyright expired December 1968
401 Diligent Porgies

402 Rocking Neddy
courtesy of Bennyinkwell
Rocking Neddy has diamond with JR and HSI logo on box and toy as well as No.402 on box.

406 Piggy Chariot
courtesy of Bennyinkwell
Piggy Chariot has diamond with JR on box and toy as well as No.406 on box.

409 Bunny Family [real name unkown, box unknown]

810 Lotus [box unknown]

Possible JR Toys ?
? rabbit [# 457]

? Animated Bears on Sled

Donkey Cart
courtesy of Bennyinkwell
Addendum: Not JR - Donkey Cart has MM and HSI logo on box and toy, as well as No.42 on box. Reg.Design no.912410. Thanks Bennyinkwell! [NB. MM is Merehall]

? Drummer Dog
? Pup Drummer [courtesy of Bennyinkwell]

? Feasting Pussy
[I used to have this and sold it years ago without knowing it was probably JR!]

? Good Housewife

? Lambcart

? Skiing Clown - unlikely but perhaps

? Squirrel and Rolling Nut

Any further information on any of these or any other toys with the JR [or MB] diamond brand would be greatly appreciated and credited on the blog. Eventually I will merge this information with the other JR21/ Century 21 Model and X-Series numbers checklist currently a work in progress on the blog.


  1. What a menagerie! Fascinating :)
    But let me get this straight: the green motorcycle excepted, everything listed with a number is marked JR?


  2. Oh and by the by:
    you've just discovered what the "equally mysterious mark ]$[ " turns out to be: Hsi Associated Ltd. Just read the monogram from outside to inside. :)


  3. Ha ha! Well done Paul. Never even noticed the HSi connection! Need to put my glasses on! Nice one and well spotted. So HS or SH is HSi!

    All the toys listed in the top section 'JR Toys' have either a JR diamond on the toy or the box or in some cases both. Similarly they have a model number on the toy or the box or both. There are three exceptions to this, which have been included because of a similarity of toy and /or box designs and model numbers: the red motorbike 301 [no diamond on the bike, box unknown], Space Rocket X-40 [no diamond on toy or box, just a model number as with all the X-series [maybe 'Ming Tat' is what we know as TAT toys?]] and the Bunney Family 409 - model number known but I've not seen the base of the toy or box so I cannot guarantee there is a diamond logo on either.

    Now these are all out in the open I hope more can be confirmed.

  4. I can't find Sui Lun Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong on a map. Is it correct?


  5. Hi Sean,

    that's the address on the paper Mr Woods showed me. But indeed, Google maps only comes up with a Siu Lun Street (Siu instead of Sui) in the Tuen Mun district of the New Territories. Mind you, names could've changes since the late 60s (perhaps Mr Sui Lun wasn't too popular with the chinese authorities?).


  6. I own a different version of the hitchhiking bunny. Different coloring, and the driver has a rabbits head also. The body is the same, the rabbits head is a separate molded piece, so I'm assuming the human head on the hitchhiking bunny is also.

  7. Dear Eric
    That's very interesting about your different Hitch Hiking Bunny. Would you be willing to send me a photo for the blog? My email is

    Blog Owner


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