Caveat Emptor!


A little note for anyone who has any interest in collecting or buying vintage space toys: Moonbase Central does not endorse or support any sales of items on the internet, or by third party, nor can we offer estimates or valuations for toys.
The blog is purely intended as a celebration of the genre, and is a showcase for our own personal collections. We will from time to time show custom models or mock up packaging, but these are purely for entertainment purposes and do not represent actual products. Moonbase Central has been criticised in the past for implying that certain toys do exist and are available, but this is not the case.
Another problem which has arisen over the years of Moonbase Centrals exposure is something we choose to call "The Blog Effect". This usually manifests itself as a sudden appearance of certain toys on ebay or other auction sites, at vastly inflated and frankly unfeasable prices. Such auctions will also invariably use our name in the listing, or add 'Project SWORD' to the title, as what can only be described as bait to a potential buyer.

Some extreme examples have shown the sellers laziness, where they have clearly used Google to find out information about a toy and reached the blog. Classic examples of this silliness are :

'Rare Project SWORD Badge by Wotan' - 'Golden Astronaut Space toy by Paul Vreede' and there are currently at least two Moon Rover toys on ebay US with 'Moonbase Central' prominently in the title.

We appreciate that the field of space toys is a difficult one to navigate, but at this point it is important to point out that we are not involved in any third party sales or negotiations.

So if you see a lovely boxed example of a Project Sword Battery Operated Moon Base Set by Century 21, just be sure to do your homework and check the fine print with the seller, rather than just googling and surfing the blog! 

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