Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mystery On Moon Base

Does anybody know what scale this 1960's Marx Operation Moon Base is? Are the vehicles the same size as Spacex/ Golden Astronaut? Any information would be welcomed. I'd be particularly grateful for a photograph of the small blue bulldozer [far left] next to any Spacex/ Golden Astronaut or Apollo Moon Exploring toys for comparison. Thanks.

WOTAN wades in: Ive got a repro version of the red Mercury capsule on the upper right. The figures would appear to be 54mm as PT suggests, but the vehicles vary in relative scale, like Spacex toys. If the red capsule is to scale with evrything else in the photo, the blue bulldozer would be about 3 inches long.
 This pic shows the various parts, the astronaut is a standard MPC one, roughly the right kind of pose to sit in the recessed base.
 Just for comaparison, I also have this loose red capsule with Spacex scale pilots, this would have come from one of the spring launched Atlas rockets in the sixties.


  1. The astronaut figures are 54mm, aren't they? Perhaps you can make a rough estimate from that if no one here has any of the toys?

  2. 54mm or roughly 1/35 scale is correct for the MARX figures, however (as with most MARX sets) the vehicles are not even close to scale with the figures. Golden Astronaut (roughly 1/72 or slightly larger?) will go perfectly with these moon vehicles (in blue), which will appear as larger heavy-tank/tractor scale, space construction machines. Those yellow accessories which have seen use in other colors since the 1950's(fuel depot and reactor building) will also be in a better scale to Golden, rather than MARX, astronauts.

  3. Gosh, no! I wasn't suggestion the vehicles were 54mm scale ... only that the size of them (in mm) could be estimated by comparing them with the probable size of the figures.

  4. Sorry Philo, my comment sounded corrective, which I did not intend (apologies). I am in 100% agreement with you.

  5. Thanks a lot for all the comments everyone and the piccies Wote. I was hoping that the dozer was HO scale but it sounds bigger than that from everything you've said. Thanks though. I may still have to track one down!

  6. Nah, that was me not reading your comment properly, CS. That's what happens when I rush - but I'm not back properly from hols yet, so don't have much time to peruse with care ... sigh.

    By the way ... in case it's of interest ... the Mercury capsule was available separately (with some of the spacemen) on a blister card. There is a good article on the big set in one of the Playset Collector magazines ... but I can't get details right now cos of above-mentioned me-not-being-here.

  7. Yup, multiple scales for sure. I have the Marx Galaxy Command playset,Star Station Seven playset, and some Cape Canaveral sets. A wonderful mix of sizes. The donut shaped 'space station' probably works out to 1/gazillionth scale. I have some SpaceX toys (my firs!) coming from the UK courtesy fleabay, and won't know how they compare for another couple of weeks.

    1. Wow Ed, you have all the sets! Should you ever have them out for a play then we'd love some snaps of them for the blog! Enjoy your Spacex when they arrive. Are they coming by their modern postal cousins, Fedex!?! hee hee. PS. there's a Galaxy Command Playset on Fleabay at the mo. Looks fab!

    2. Woodsy, so far all my stuff from the UK has come via Royal Mail. Postage from overseas is pricey and FedEx costs w-a-y too much. Will send some shots here shortly of an old Galaxy Command set I had.

  8. I have a few of the Marx vehicles. The blue bulldozer is 10.5 cm (4 inches) long. The tanker is 12.5cm/5 inches. The big rocket transporter and tractor is 28.5 cm/11 inches. I also have the crane vehicle somewhere (can't find it at the moment) but it's about the same size as the bulldozer. I've emailed some pics to Woodsy.

  9. Just posted your pics Tony. Very cool. Thanks a lot!

  10. The Red Capsulte came from a Gemini Titan like I had in the 60s. Two plastic tubes that fit togehter tightly make the titan. The Gemini service module was one piece and had a spring loaded launching system. It came with two capsules, one red, one white. It had chrome plastic nozzels on the first stage of the titan but the second stage was just a tube. Costs about a dollar in 1967, I believe. I lost all of it, but I remember it.
    Kapitaen Mitternacht posting as Anonymous


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